Ayman Fathy Elbatata
Marital Status
Egypt / Tanta
Looking for
Marriage & Immigration Forever
About me
Self description:---------------- Honesty, Loyalty and Respect, they are my slogan in the life. My name is Ayman ElBatata, 33 years old, from Egypt, I am a freelancer web developer, I neither want to live nor work in Egypt, I want to immigrate to Europe or to the North of America or to any country has a good life so I am looking for a woman for love and marriage from there, I suffer from bipolar disorder and i take a medicine for it, I don't care neither about age nor Ethnicity, I'm highly enthusiastic and have a high sense of humor, I'm already separated since 2015 and I am getting divorced soon and I do not have any child, I use Translator for any language except Arabic & English. ===================== Description of my ideal mate:---------------- An Independent strong loyal woman, slender or little chubby without young kids, a woman who can love me forever and accepts me as I am, she must come to marry me in Egypt and bring me to her country to start a new life with her and achieve all dreams step by step, she must has a religion as christian/muslim woman but not a jewish woman. ===================== Note: I don't have any of other accounts here on this website, just this one, so be careful from any spammer or any scammer.
Swimming, Development, Smoking and New Ideas.
Favourite Things
Internet, Comedy, Movies and Music.
I Dislike
Hate, Problems, Poorness, Divorce and Wine.